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D - Engarde Pro License 1 year

An EngardePro license enables running an application in Pro mode among Engarde, DiapoEngarde, ShowPiste on the computer, plus another (bonus) application on the same computer.

So 1 license enables running 2 applications.

With several EngardePro licenses on a computer (let N be this number), the first application Engarde or DiapoEngarde that is launched becomes a licenses distributor to launch other applications (N-1 launches) on the computer or another computer of the local network.
As a bonus, it enables launching a complementary application on the same computer (not on another computer of the local network). So N licenses allow N+1 runs.


  • Engarde Pro: manage your competitions, approved by the F.I.E description
  • DiapoEngarde: display your competitions (poules, tableaux,standings...) description
  • ShowPiste: display your pistes description