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Your first competition step by step









2 Poules

A - Creation of the poules

Competition status displayed is: "Round No 1 - You are currently at : create the poules

Click on "Create the poules". Engarde propose possible distributions of poules and ask you the number of poules required

Engarde proposed 25 poules of 5 or 6. We better choose poules of 6 or 7 and thus we set the number to 22 poules.

Engarde proposes then to choose the number of qualified fencers. Here again Engarde proposition can be changed according to your requirements.

Engarde tells you that the poules are well constituted que les poules sont bien constituées ("perfect separation").
The Poules are ready and are displayed directly in the "Poules" window.

B - Allocation of pistes and hours

To allocate pistes and hours click on the button "Pistes - Referees", then choose "Allocation of pistes and hours". You will allocate the pistes corresponding to our example. (for more information about the allocation of pistes and hours you can look at our dedicated tutorial )

  1. Enter the name of the pistes we use "1-11" then "Ok"
  2. Click on the le bouton "Modify"
  3. Enter two hours: "9 10"
  4. Enter the 11 pistes: "1-11"
  5. Let the option of cycle on its default position
  6. Click on "Apply"

The following allocation should appear

Once validated, the hours and the pistes appear on the display of the poules

C - Allocation of the referees

To allocate the referees, click on the "Pistes - Referees" button, then choose "Allocation of referees".

The window of allocation appears.

  1. Click on "Add several referees"
  2. In the "Add several referees" window, on the left select "All" and drag and drop to the right or use the ">" button, then click on use these referees :
  3. The referees are now in the allocation window, if there is less referees than poules increase the "maximum of poules by referee" so that on referee can referee twice or more during the pool round, then you just have to click to the button "Allocation of referees : 1"
  4. Engarde compute the allocation automatically, you can validatwith "ok" and close the window.

    The referees appear in the poules.

The automatic allocation of referees by Engarde offers lots of combinations to best fit the rules of your competition. For more information about the automatic allocation of referees you can look at the dedicated tutorial : With Engarde you can also allocate the referees manually (if the rule of your competition allow this) by editing the poule or the match ("Entry" button). Be careful, allocation of the referees in the official FIE competition has to be automatic.

D - Creating and printing the poule sheets

Poules are ready, you just have to print the poule sheets. To do this, use the "Report" button, then choose Poule sheets in the menu. Choose to print all the poules.

The report window appears. You can adjust the size of the fields, cells and when it suits your need, print it directly and launch the matches.

E - Entry of the results

To enter the results, click on the editing icon on the top right of a poule

The entry window appears, you can directly enter the results in this window.

It would be annoying to enter manually all the results of the poules for a tutorial. So you will simulate the score of the poules using the "Entry" button then "Automatic completion" in the menu

You get all the scores of the poules, the poules are now displayed with a green background as they are finished.

F - Do the ranking

To do the ranking, click on the ranking button. Use the report button to access the ranking

If you wish a ranking according to the ranking in each poule, use the "special ranking" button.

You can now click on the following button to the 3rd part of the tutorial: : 3 - Tableaux