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Your first competition step by step









3 Tableaux

A - Creation of the tableau

The displayed status is: " You are currently at : creation of first tableau "

Click on "Creation of the tableau". Engarde ask you to confirm the starting tableau.

Engarde creates the tableaux and display all the tableaux of the competition.

B - Allocation of pistes and hours

As for the poules, you should use the "Pistes" button then "Allocation of the pistes and hours".
Then, Engarde proposes to choose the tableau. For each tableau, you need to define pistes and hours the nearly the same way as you did for the poules. Engarde manages the uncomplete tableaux indicating as finished the matches with only one fencer.

Depending on the tableau, you can activate a repartition by zone of the tableau (1/8, 1/4 or 1/2).

Fore more information about the allocation of the pistes and hours for the tableaux please look at the dedicated tutorial : Tutorial

It is also possible to change the hour and piste of a match directly from the tableau using the entry button . This is very useful when there is a last minute change

C - Allocation of the referees

To proceed to the allocation of the referees, use the button "Pistes - Referees" then choose "Allocation of referees" in the menu

Engarde ask for a first choice between Nation - Etat - Club ou Nation - Nation2 - Nation3, depending of your context. Then for each tableau you can choo a simple allocation, without splitting the referee pool, or you can do an allocation grouping referees by 1/2, 1/4,1/8 or 1/16 of tableau.

The choice of this kindof allocation depends on the rules of your competition. For this example you will make a simple allocation for the table of 128 and table of 64, then by quarter of tableau for the next tableaux.

The referee delegate will often ask for printed tableau with referees to check the allocation is correct. Use the "Report" button and choose "Tableau..." in the menu to print the tableau. To print "with referees" there is an option to select.

D - Creation et printing of the match sheets

For each round of tableau, when the hours, the pistes and the referees have been allocated for all the matches, yu can print the match sheets from the "Report" button, choose "Match sheets"

Une fenêtre d'option apparaît :

The choice of the options depends on the tableau and the rules for this tableau. For example, vidéo referee can be mandatory from the tableau 64 or 32 and thus the video option has to be checked.

E - Results entry

If the results have to be enter manually ( if the piste apparatuses are not connected to the computers that manage the competition), you can enter the results directly clicking on the editing button

You can also use the "Entry" button on the right panel and indicate the match number to get the entry window for the match.

As for the poules, you can do a search about a fencer or a referee to find the match in case of a problème. The search function highlight the matches of the fencer or the referee you search.

It would be annoying to enter all the results of all the matches of all the tableaux for a tutorial. you can simulate all the scores by using the "Entry" button then "Automatic completion" in the menu

You get the scores of all the matches of the tableau, that are now displayed with a green background as they are finished. Perform as many automatic completion as you want to the final and end the competition.

You can now click on the following button to the final part of the tutorial: 4 - End of the competition