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1. Implementation from two individual competitions

When the individual competition of the boys is complete, make an XML results file with "File | XML transfer file | XML for FIE". Do the same for the individual competition of girls when it completes.

Create a new competition in Engarde by "File | New competition" and "Team". Fill in the form of parameters. If it is a FIE competition, write "FIE" in the "championship" field and write the FIE ID if you have it in the "identification" field.

Put "mixed" in the "sex" field.

Go to the "Fencers" form and do "Memory | Load" then select the XML file of boys.

If it is a FIE competition, answer "no" to the question "Use the Licences as National Licences?"

Then do "Memory | Import all" then "Order | Structured order".

If teams are nation teams, move the column "Nation" in the first position by dragging the title "Nation" left. Do this for "Club" or "League" if they are club or league teams.

Remove fencers who do not participate in the team competition with the "Remove" button. Do the same with the girls. Place the column "Sex" after the "Team" column, it will facilitate the following tasks. Make teams with "Team | Allocate teams" then choose "Nation", "Club" or "League".

Go to the form "Teams" and do "Team | Calculate the team numbers | yes."

The data of your fencers are ready now.

You must have 2 or 3 boys and 2 or 3 girls per team.

If you need to make a manual addition of fencer, the fencer form allows you to put the fencer on the right team. Think recalculate teams numbers in this case.

Choose your formula. As the "Sex" of the competition is "Mixed" and this is a team competition, the bout sheets will be sheets in which two boys met 2 boys and 2 girls meet 2 girls (8 matches).

2. Implementation from an XML file of a mixed team competition

If you have an XML file for a mixed team competition, just create a new competition from the file via "File | From an XML file". When the parameters appear, check the field "Sex" is set to "Mixed". This is what will make the bout sheets are sheets in which two boys met 2 boys and 2 girls meet 2 girls (8 matches).

3. Who starts? Girls or boys?


The FIE rules indicate that a computer random draw determines for each table who start: girls or boys 2 The random draw is performed by Engarde for each table at the time of the creation of the first table. A document enables printing the results for all tables, it is accessible from the "Tableaux" window for "Report | Who starts?". It is also displayable in DiapoEngarde.

4. Who has numbers 1-4 and numbers 5-8?


This works as for non-mixed teams. This is a random draw carried out with the team captains. Each captain then fills Record team (in Engarde, the sheets obtained in the "Teams" window with "Team | Team Form"). Then you have to enter this order in Engarde from the "Tableaux" window by "Entry | Enter the fencer's order of a bout" and print the bout sheet.

5. How do the replacements work?


Manual entry The detail of the bout input window has buttons to introduce the replacing boy/girls for each team. It is also possible to have a return of the holder.

Connection to piste apparatuses.


When a connection to piste apparatuses using the Cyrano protocol is used, the menu "Substitute" the Piste window enables all operations on the substitutes from Engarde.

It is also possible to apply to a replacement, girl or boy, from a piste apparatus. For this, it is necessary that the item "Cyrano substitution" of the "Parameters" menu of the Piste window is checked (it is checked by default, it is possible to check instead "No replacement Cyrano"). When the piste apparatus sends a request for replacement, Engarde puts a substitute for the ongoing match (it knows if it is a match of girls or boys) when a substitute of the right sex is available in the team and he/she has not yet been used. It is not possible to correct an error or to make a return of the holder from the piste apparatus. When such an operation is necessary, it must be done from the Engarde Piste window.

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