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License contract of ANPV-log software

  1. In this contract, "software" represents each piece of software distributed by the ANPV-log Company: Engarde, DiapoEngarde, ShowPiste,etc. 
  2. Software may have a free version, an evaluation version, a "Standard" version and an "Business" paid version.
  3. Free versions and Standard versions concern clubs,leagues or federation organising a competition. The clubs, leagues or federations manage their competitions with the "Standard" licenses they own (see scope of the standard and business licenses).
  4. "Business" paid versions are the only versions which can be used by companies, or organisms or persons when the organizers of the competitions do not own a license (see scope of the standard and business licenses).
  5. Software is not sold. Licences are provided for a period. Software generally includes a deadline written in the main window or depends of another piece of software having a deadline. 
  6. A free licence is provided until the software deadline. A paid licence is provided for a period chosen at purchase time. When purchase period goes beyond software deadline software is updated. 
  7. The distribution between free and paid functionalities can sometimes evolve.
  8. When installing software, you accept that ANPV-log collects standard information useful for its functioning and its update.
  9. You are not authorized:
    - to by-pass technical limitations encompassed in software,
    - to reconstitute the software logic, decompile or le disassemble software,
    - to incorporate software in another piece of software, except in the case of a written agreement with the ANPV-log Company. 
  10. Software is developed and maintained by the ANPV-log Company which tries to correct bugs and make improvements. However, software is provided with a "as it is" licence. ANPV-log does guaranty that there is no remaining bugs in software. 
  11. ANPV-log cannot be considered as responsible of bad usages or breakdown of software. 
  12. Old versions of Engarde for Windows have to be replaced before July 2009 by the BASIC version of Engarde 10.
  13. The right of using Engarde for Olympic Games, World Championships, Continental Championships (European, American, etc.) is reserved to the ANPV-log company, except in the case of a written agreement with ANPV-log. 
  14. Federations and other sport structures can purchase lots of licences with a discount. They cannot make benefits in reselling the licences.

Scope of the Standard and Business licenses

License type Who owns the license ? What competitions is it valid for ?
StandardA clubCompetitions organized by the club
StandardA leagueCompetitions organized by the league and not by the club
StandardA federationCompetitions organized by the federation and not by the club or the league
StandardA personCompetitions organized by the club of this person
BusinessA company or an organization or a personCompetitions mentioned in the contract agreement made with ANPV-LOG

If you are a club (league, federation), you call someone to manage your competition with Engarde.
your club (league, federation) must have a license or the person you called must have a Business licence. The person cannot use a standard license from another organization. You are a person, you manage a competition using Engarde.
The organiser of the competition must have a license or you must have a "Business" license.

Additional conditions

  • For the FIE and EFC competitions (World Cup, European Cup…), a « Pro » version has to be used.
  • Championships (Olympic Games, University Games, Continental Games, World Championships, Continental Championships (zonal Championships) whatever the category) can only be managed by ANPV-log or a team with a written and signed agreement of ANPV-log (13th point of the license contract)

For the Business and Championships licenses, please contact us Contact ANPV-LOG