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Engarde 10.04 client server in action

Grand Prix Westend de Budapest

the 23rd,24th and 25th March 2018 took place in Budapest the Westend Grand Prix, Women's and Men's Epee.

A great event that brought together more than 500 fencers.

The competitions have progressed without any problem during these three days, on 16 connected pistes.

All the results of the Grand Prix Westend on engarde-service.com : Results

Junior Sabre World Cup in Dourdan

The 10th and 11th February 2018 a Junior Men Sabre World Cup took place in Dourdan, teams and individual.

12 pistes connected through the network were installed in the venue. Connection enabled:

The results come immediately and are transmitted to the screens and Internet, enabling the live follow-up of the competition. From a competition management perspective, Engarde 10 and the connected pistes enable monitoring the progression of the competition. You can quickly detect a problem or a delay on a piste and for example, prepare a quick change of piste if needed.

The immediate results allow chaining up the phases (poules, tableaux) very fluidly.

With Engarde Auxiliary you can manage the competition keeping close to the piste.
Engarde Auxiliary enables monitoring the competition very close to the piste and being able to help referees and their assistants: issue with the remote control, mishandling, but also abandonment or substitutions for the teams. The changes are taken into account by Engarde Main and the competition can go on without any disturbance.

Women's Epee World Cup in Barcelona

The 9th, 10th and 11th February 2018 a Women's Epee World Cup, individual and teams, took place in Barcelona.

Engarde client server has been used for managing this competition with 5 connected pistes.

The ShowPiste new display with "Big Names" has been also used. This display focuses on the visibility of the names for the public and video streaming audience.


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