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To create a team competition from an individual competition, proceed as follows:

1) When the individual competition is over, make an extraction with the menu "Competition | Extraction ". This produces an XML file.

2) Create a team competition with the menu "File | New Competition" and then "Team".

3) In the "Fencers" window, use the "Memory" button and the "Load" item to load the XML file that      was produced in 1).

4) Then use the "Memory" button to import the fencers into the competition. There are two ways:      a. With "Import all", all the fencers are imported and then you have to delete those who do not      participate in the team competition. b. With "Import range" or "Import some", you only import  the fencers who compete in teams.

5) Note: The numbers of the fencers are their ranks in the individual competition.

6) If necessary, remove fencers who do not participate in the team competition.

7) If necessary, add fencers who participate in the team competition and who have not  participated in the individual competition. Give the right number to these fencers (usually one more than the largest fencer number)

8) Use the "Team" button and the "Allocate teams" item to allocate a team to each fencer (choose from the menu if the team is the club, league or nation).

9) In the "Teams" window, use the "Team" button and the "Calculate the team numbers" item to calculate the numbers of the teams from those of the fencers. This is the sum of the three lowest numbers of the fencers of the team.

10) The fencers and the teams are ready. In case of modification of the fencers having an influence on the fencer numbers, think of recalculating the numbers of the teams.

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