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Live online results with

Easy and Free

Engarde-service is a hosting service for online results. To use it, just create an account, then directly declare your tournaments and competitions on the website.

From Engarde, connect to your hosted competition and upload results that are directly visible for the entire world.

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Clear display of results

A menu gives a quick access to the data of the competition.

Parts of the tableaux are delimited by a color code corresponding to color pistes.

Documents are displayed with a timestamp.


Thousands of competitions, each year, use

Since its creation in 2012, engarde-service hosted and displayed thousands of competitions, worldwide and of every level.


Engarde Smart

Engarde Smart: personalized information for your competitions

To succeed in your competitions, everyone must know declare a tournament where to go and when. This is what does Engarde Smart, a free web application that runs on smartphones. See on the home screen your next matches (as an athlete or a referee) with the pistes and the time.

Engarde Smart also supplies the general information of the competition, including the temporary ranking of the poules which is regularly updated.

Engarde Smart gives access to an athlete's path: all his/her poules, matches, rankings on the same screen.

All this information is available everywhere, during and after the competition, and for everyone: athletes, referees, coaches, family, friends, and spectators.


Engarde Smart uses little roaming data, it will not explode your contract by using it.

Entering matches with Engarde Assistant: real time without the need to connect Engarde to the piste devices

You can now have match results entered by referees or assistants with Engarde Smart. This will broadcast the results as soon as the matches are over, in the room and on the internet.

Your management team receives the results directly in Engarde and has a clear view of the progress of the competition, which makes it possible to quickly identify any problems.

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