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Your first competition step by step

With this step by step tutorial, you will be able to make work the core of Engarde functions.
It is an overview of the workflow of a competition.
Advanced topics as connection of the pistes, screen displays and online results are not addressed.
Topics like allocation of referees can be deepened with other dedicated pages or documents.

Requirement: Installation of Engarde

If you have not yet installed Engarde, or if you havea a 9 version, please follow the guidelines for downloading and installation

Once Engarde installed, if you did not buy an Engarde Basic or Pro licence, Engarde runs in mini mode. This mode can manage only small competitions.
But it also allow testing the pro mode with a demo competition.
we will use this demo competition. It will work with already set fencers and referees. Everything else will run as usual.


Creation of the competition
Parameters, formula, presence of the fencers and referees



Creation of the poules, allocation of the pistes and referees, poules sheet, results and ranking



Creation of the tableaux, allocation of the pistes and referees, documents, results


End of the compétition

Final ranking, Publishing results, Documents

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