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Engarde - Versions History

   Version number                                Date                                                        Modifications




Bug Fixes




Bug Fixes




Bug Fixes

Bug correction in the creation of the tableau




Bug Fixes

Bug correction on ties: there is a barrage when there are ties after the poules to know who is exempted and who is not.




Formula for long-duration competitions
Improved use of groups A and B in the allocation of referees

Treatment of frencers with no initial ranking.

Treatment of tied fencers in the initial ranking.

Treatment of non-combativeness.

Semi-final defeats tied or not.




Handisport tests: mixed, individual by gender and weapons.

New clubs are added (FFE)



Bug Fixes 




Management of a competition TEAM FIE WITH Engarde Auxiliary

Improved connection with engarde service, diapoengarde, improved connection with Favero devices.

Alert message if the update deadline has been exceeded.



Improved loading of Engarde Auxiliary and DiapoEngarde via UDP: if there is a loss of connection during loading, loading resumes and terminates when the connection is restored.




  Fixed the bug of not displaying sometimes the rank in the general ranking.


  Possibility to upload a banner in a tournament. This banner is displayed for all the competitions of the tournament.




Poules in team competition:
- possibility to enter match details (but not in auxiliary mode)
- possibility to connect piste devices (but not in auxiliary mode)
- possibility to make "some poules on several pistes".

Allocation of pistes: when you have made a "modify", you can only exit by OK or cancel (the closing cross is hidden).

Referee allocation:
- the criteria on the right are reset at each launch
- small improvement of the allocation
- addition of "by 1/2" and "by 1/8"
- display of "not neutral on 1/4" in the statusbar

"Piste" tab:
- in the summary of the selected piste, the status of the piste is displayed and a menu item allows to send a "hello" to the piste.
- correction of the bug of displaying the status of the piste device in the piste table.

When entering matches manually, the video calls area is hidden. A button allows to show it.
When entering manually the details of the team matches, the referees zone is hidden. A button allows to show it.
Improvement of the sending of html files on engarde-service.


Possibility to display the details of a match in team poules.
The checkbox "Open on internet" is working again.


Possibility to display the clubs instead of the nations. For that in the menu of the tab "Piste" of Engarde, choose the item "Display the clubs on ShowsPiste".


Writing of a small manual for "Poules on several pistes".




Entry of coach's yellow cards which are displayed on the following poules sheets and match sheets. See the manual

The length of the short names used in Cyrano and displayed on ShowPiste can be modified. See the Piste manual

In the piste table, a small panel displays a summary for the selected piste. See the Piste manual

Possibility to indicate the day of a tableau in addition to the time of the matches. Possibility to switch from one tableau to another in the allocation of pistes and times.




Allocation of referees by quarter tableau has been reintroduced. See the manual.

For "New competition", possibility to load a UTF-8 encoding XML file if another windows-xx encoding is indicated for Engarde to convert one into the other. For Cyrillic encoding, the first line of the XML file should be:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- alt_encoding="Windows-1251"-->

When closing Engarde Auxiliary with finished matches for which the Engarde Main acknowledgement has not arrived, these matches are stored in a file. When you re-open this competition in Auxiliary on the same computer, Engarde Auxiliary offers to retrieve these matches.

Fixed the bug that inverted the HTML files of the rounds of poules on engarde-service.

New versions of the applications ShowPiste and EngardeSwitch.




When the date of the competition is not the same in the application and on engarde-service, a question is asked.

Possibility to apply a conversion from Cyrillic characters to Latin letters for Cyrano messages.

Since version 10.211, it is no longer possible to allocate referees by 1/4 tableau. This function is restored in version 10.222




Version 10.22 allows you to use engarde-service on the new RISE server implemented on September 22, 2020.

When connecting to engarde-service, if the date, weapon, gender, individual or team type do not match, the information from Engarde is copied to engarde-service.




Improvement of match input

Improvement of the automatic allocation of referees.
See the manual for the automatic allocation of referees of May 2020

New match sheet with video. Video call entry. Video call statistics document.

Possibility to generate passwords for referees and assistants.

Engarde Assistant

The web application "Engarde Smart Assistant" now allows team captains to enter the team composition.
See Engarde Assistant user manual.
See the organizer's manual of Engarde Assistant.



Engarde: for the French Federation, the choice of league/dpt/region during the separation in the poules has been put on again.

DiapoEngarde: the ranking under the poules and under the tableaux is entirety displayed.




Choice boxes are used in the input forms. It is possible to use the old mechanism with the option menu.

When changing the sex of the competition, the default fencer sex is updated.

The application title that appears in the taskbar when you fly over an icon contains first information about the competition.

Scrolling in documents is corrected (it was incomplete).

The checkbox "with video" of the match sheets panel is not checked by default.


The columns can be moved again when the adjustment mode is 1 or 2.

Improvement of the transition from adjustment mode 1 or 2 to adjustment mode 0.

The particular situation where the competition has to be closed and reopened in order to display the first tableau no longer occurs.



Creation, launch
When a competition is created, the network identifier is formed with 8 letters at random. When the user connects to engarde-service, Engarde proposes to use the smart identifier as the network identifier.

Fencers' table
Added criteria for sorting tables and documents: sorting by affiliation (this affiliation then alphabetical); sorting by license, by ID, by status.
Extension of the structured sorting criterion for the FFE (nation region CID department club name first name).

Possible banners in Team Matches. Flags in team matches.
Possibility to put or not a frame around the flags ("Report" menu).

Team Placement
The default team placement is the one that has been set up for Budapest 2019: the team with the most right-handed players is placed on the right - if a team does not have a substitute, a dummy right-handed substitute is added to the team.
It is possible to use instead "First team on the right" using the menu "Competition | Team placement".

Match entry
A poule or tableau match can be recorded in the "in progress" (i.e. not finished) state with scores and cards. To do this, check "in progress" before clicking OK in the match entry window.

Allocation of Referees
It is possible to print a tableau from the referees’ allocation window ("Report" menu). In this case, the temporary allocation is printed (it is not displayed by DiapoEngarde).

Possibility to send matches in progress on engarde-service for a few competitions each weekend (as it was at the Budapest World Championships). Contact us.

Engarde Auxiliary Sender
Sending data on engarde-service can be done by a particular mode of Auxiliary Engarde called Auxiliary Engarde Sender. To do this, use the menu to the right of the arrow of a competition to be opened in a green banner and choose "Open in client-server for sending data to the Web".
This reduces the workload of the Engarde Main and does not disrupt it in the event of a problem in data transmission.
Auxiliary Sender cannot make an entry and cannot connect to the pistes. It is just used to send the data to the web server with the Web Panel.

When Engarde is connected to a piste apparatus, the cards provided by the piste apparatus can be disconnected and put in manually mode ("Cards" menu in the piste windows).
Added non-combativity P-cards in the match entry.
There is no special end-of-match treatment for non-combativeness, it is necessary to make the match win to whoever is entitled.

Cyrano 1.1
Version 1.1 of the Cyrano protocol for communication with piste apparatuses has been created for Budapest 2019. It includes two additions: P-cards and time to the hundredth of a second.
Engarde allows you to choose between Cyrano 1.0 and Cyrano 1.1 (blue or yellow button on the piste table). Currently, only Favero apparatuses with software version of July 2019 or later can use Cyrano 1.1.
The stopwatch is sent back to the piste apparatus when a PREVIOUS is made.

When you click on the small blue button to launch the slideshow, a menu allows you to display on a half screen, or a quarter screen or the current position of the window.
When not displayed on the full screen, a small grey frame is displayed around the window.
Automatic update of the screen of the drawing of the positions 123-456 of the teams. You can start the display on "a tableau" or "all tableaux" and then draw lots to see that the draw is live.
Adding banners, flags and short names in Team Matches.
Possibility to put or not a frame around the flags ("Display" menu).
Changing the automatic adjustment, for DiapoEngarde, the three possible values are:
- 0 (yellow), there is no adjustment, you adjust as usual
- 1 (green), there is an automatic adjustment for each screen. It is calculated before the screen is displayed. From one screen to another, the font size and field widths can change if there are long names or not. Names are reduced when they are very long.
- 2 (blue), there is a global automatic adjustment, calculated when the first screen is displayed. There is stability of font size and field widths in this mode. Names are reduced when they are very long.
Modes 1 and 2 have been very useful for remote control of the DiapoEngarde screen at Budapest 2019. This feature will be available to all soon.

Possibility to put or not a frame around the flags.
Display without window edge when hiding the toolbar even if you are not in full screen.
Added a "Position" menu item that allows you to easily place the window on a quarter screen.
Display of the piste.
Display of partial scores for team matches.
Larger lamps.
A border on the right and a border at the bottom can be set with the "margin" menu.
It is possible to change the port with the menu item "Change Port". When using Marciano piste apparatuses, avoid port 50101 on which the piste apparatuses are broadcasting.
Showpiste accepts Cyrano 1.0 and Cyrano 1.1.
In Cyrano 1.1, when the time is >= 10 seconds, it is displayed in yellow without the tenths, format mm:ss - when the time is < 10 seconds, it is displayed in red without the minutes, format ss.d
Whether or not to activate photos with the "With photos" menu. In basic mode, the photos must be placed in the "Resources1\Photos" directory and the Cyrano protocol must work with the IDs (choice to be made in the piste table instead of "Engarde Keys"). It is also possible to use photos placed on another computer with the "With photos of another computer" menu. The name of the file that contains the photo of a fencer is the ID of the fencer plus .jpg

Introduction of application groups (buttons A B C D). When you ask to display an application of a group with "Show", all the applications of this group are displayed. This is useful for example to make a screen with the left part showing the current poules and the right part showing the temporary ranking. Scripts are done with groups or application numbers (for applications that are not in groups).
It is possible to uncheck "Only one visible App/Group" from the menu. In this case, when you ask to show an application or group with "Show", EngardeSwitch does not hide the other applications and you must use the "Hide" button to hide the applications and groups you want to hide.



Fencers who abandon (DNF) in a tableau match are ranked, even if they have not fenced before, to follow article o.79 of the FIE. Those who have not fenced anything before and who are forfeit (DNS) are placed in the final ranking without ranking. Use the "Documents | Exceptional Exit" menu to obtain a list of abandonments, forfeits and exclusions of the competition.

Assignment of referees: the secondary criteria are hidden and can be activated with the "Special" menu.

Modification of the display of the temporary ranking of the poules:
Q++ for "most likely qualified" (instead of qualified)
E-- for "most likely eliminated" (instead of eliminated).

Possibility to reset a match to get an empty state in which nothing is displayed (it is different from the 0/0 state) with input (except for auxiliary poule input) and in a piste panel.

When a match is on a piste that has a live video url, the "video" button is displayed in the html as soon as the match is no longer in an empty state, and is no more displayed when the match is finished.

In poules allocations, "Skip finished matches" is checked by default.

By teams, the display of "who is 123, who is 456?" is completed with the piste number.

DiapoEngarde allows you to search for a competition on the Internet in the same way as Engarde Smart: tick the "Open on the Internet" box in the home page; change the encoding (displayed in the home page) if necessary to correctly display tournaments and competitions from another language region.

The absence of a FIE license is reported when creating FIE XML files but does not prevent the files from being produced.

Barrage at rank 32: Engarde now displays "exempt - not exempted" (instead of "exempt - qualified")


Engarde Smart
Display of referees according to whether the poule or match has started or not.
Use of the codes Q++ and E-- in the provisional ranking of the poules.



Extension of the functioning of the licenses
- When there is an EngardePro license on a computer, you can start as many sessions of EngardePro, DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste on that computer as you want.
- When there is a Display license on a computer, you can start as many sessions as you want of DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste on that computer.

Display of DNS/DNF/EXEC or forfeit/ abandonment/ exclusion: the choice of display is made in the "Document" menu of Engarde. By default, it is DNF for FIE and EFC competitions and it is abandonment for the others. It concerns poules, tableaux, rankings, and this on paper, on DiapoEngarde screens and in html files.

Improved allocation of pistes
A menu at the top right of the panel allows you to choose a method from:
- "Global method" is the method used recently
- "Global method (formula)" is the method that was used before
- "Step by step" is a method without a loop and cumulative; when we say apply, it does not remove the allocations already made
- "Blue 5 5 5 Blue" is the new method to be used in Grand Prix (and which can be used elsewhere). This is in fact the "Step by Step" method with a complementary panel to build the list of suitable pistes for Grand Prix.
- "Manual" to manually enter or modify certain hours/pistes.

Search for "pistes and hours" doubloons in the manual assignment and when exiting the piste and hour assignment panel.
A menu item allows you to do a "Pistes and hours check".

In DiapoEngarde, you can change the upper and lower margins of the screen.

A "Live video URL" item in the "Pistes - Referees" button menu of the tableaux allows you to enter urls for the live video for each piste. Links with these URLs are placed in the HTML files.

You can change a referee's group in the referee allocation panel ("group" button).

Display of referees in HTML files when matches have started or ended.

Modification of piste parameters: when you validate, it does not connect the piste (it leaves the connection as it is).

Improved Auxiliary Engarde functioning when the communication is slow or interrupted.

When creating the competition, Engarde sets the idCompe and idTournoi attributes of the xml file for the connection to engarde-service. It also fills in IDOrganization with a value that was stored in the options.



Engarde management

The referee of a tableau match is displayed in the HTML files when the match is started.

Possibility to put or not the title in the html files: use the title section of the html menu in Engarde, poules or tableaux.

Two links can be entered in the match entry window, one to provide the URL of the LIVE video, the other to provide the URL of the Replay video.

A "video" button is displayed in HTML files for matches with video links when they are started or finished.

Entering the order of team fencers: possibility to enter only one team at a time.

Fixed extended XML file bug.



The new web application "Engarde Smart Assistant" allows you to do 3 kinds of operations near the pistes with a smartphone or tablet:
- enter the results of the matches,
- enter the composition of the teams (the order of the fencers),
- substituting in team competitions.
See the user manual.

Engarde manages the assistants and the passwords of assistants and referees. See the organizer's manual.

Engarde processes the operations performed with Engarde Smart Assistant and transmits them to the right place. It transmits replacements to the piste devices.

The attributes Date, Heure and Cote have been added to the XML files.

Suppression of the generation of old special files.



Engarde sends "smart" data on the internet in one go. DiapoEngarde by internet loads the data in one go.

Engarde allows to make a new competition from the "Smart" data of a competition taken on the internet (you have to give the password of the organization). Smart data from a competition can therefore serve as a backup.

Creation of a log file of matches whose results are entered with Engarde Smart. It is in the directory of the competition and is called SmartResults.log

Introduction of a table of assistants. The assistants are people who enter the results with Engarde Smart on certain pistes. Specify the pistes that the assistant occupies in the piste field, separated by spaces.

Fixed a bug in the distribution of licenses (the number of attributed licenses did not decrease when a session ended, it does now).



Improvement of the communication with engarde-service.

All html files are sent when the first tableau is created and when the definition of web tableaux is changed.

Possibility of forbidding to open "by files" a competition with Engarde Auxiliary or DiapoEngarde (use the item "Prohibit opening ..." of the "File" menu).

Possibility to remove a competition from the list of recent competitions.



Engarde is not slow when the internet server is overloaded.

If necessary, increase the Max time of requests to the server with the menu of the Web panel.




Deleting the delay when sending html files. Html files are generated in UTF-8.

New fields in the competition form. More fields recovered in xml files (See the documentation).




Better treatment of some errors.

The default refresh period for web files changes from 3mn to 2mn.

There are now two choices in the document menu for poules: "Poules" and "Constitution of poules".

A height adjustment bar in the web panel.
A button to access Engarde Smart usage statistics in the web panel.




Improvement of HTML files: menu, title, sending message.
New organization of the HTML files of tableaux for formulas with repechage.
Display of the paths of the formulas in addition to their descriptions when loading a formula.




Improved sending of html files of tableaux. Improved calculation of the team numbers from the fencer numbers.




Repair of the formula with incomplete tableau.
A manual to make formulas "Tableaux then poules".Read

When an HTML file of a team competition contains several tableaux, all tableaux now have the details of the matches.
Empty tableaux are no longer put in HTML files.
Improvement of then sending of the overall ranking on the web.

Possibility to make an xml file by extraction for teams, to make a new competition.

Loading an Engarde client is no longer disrupted by the connection to the web server.

Auxiliary Engarde takes into account the encoding of the competition.

Diapo Engarde

Repair of DiapoEngarde by internet. All you need is a "Display" license to run DiapoEngarde by internet on a computer at any location.

DiapoEngarde takes into account the encoding of the competition.



Marking poules and matches "locked" or "checked"

Implementation of a blocking system with an icon "locked" or "checked" on poules and tableau matches. When a poule or a tableau match is locked or checked, it cannot be modified by Engarde Smart, by Engarde Auxiliary and by the piste apparatus.

A verified poule is displayed in blue with an icon "checked"; a locked poule is displayed in orange with an icon "padlock"; an ended poule, but neither locked nor checked, is displayed in green with an icon "locked padlock". Analogous for the tableau matchs.

The use principle is the following one: when we want to verify an ended poule, we begin by locking it, then we verify (we correct if need), then we mark "checked". It is not mandatory to use this system.

Gauges indicate percentages of poules completed, blocked and verified. Tableaux show their percentages of matches completed and verified.


For using a version 10.045 (or earlier), if you NEVER use the context of the FFE (Fédération Française d’Escrime), delete the contexte_ffe.txt file in the Ressources1 directory; if you use the context of the FFE Read this manual

Other points

When we make a new competition from an XML file encoded in UTF-8, Engarde asks to choose the encoding among its encodings and makes the conversion.

Return in the encoding by default when we close a competition.

With a pro license, if we launch a 2nd session of Engarde, this session shows the window for searching for a pro license to pass quickly in pro.

Engarde auxiliary runs only in pro from now on.

The global document and banners are available only in pro from now on.

The temporary ranking of the poules is now also available in BASIC.

The publication of the HTML files and the sending of the data for Smart are now made in BASIC in the same way as in pro.


Replacement of EngardeSwitch0.81 by EngardeSwitch0.82




Engarde can now receive match results which are entered with Engarde Smart by referees or assistants using a smartphone. See the documentation.

New treatment of exceptional exits (abandonment, forfeit, exclusion). Possibility of displaying exceptional exits with the new notation of the FIE: DNS, DNF, EXC. A fencer who abandons and has not fenced an entire poule or tableau match has no rank in the overall ranking. See the documentation.

New XML result files according to the new instructions of the FIE which will be soon in effect; they are called “XML FIE 2018”. The old XML result files are called “XML FIE”. See the documentation.

Ability to choose the 4 lines of a document header and their style. These lines are put in the models. The modification of the header can also be done by the "Parameter" button of the documents.

The documents can now have banners at the top and bottom. To access the banners, display the document then click on the "parameters" button. It is possible to set default banners to all documents with the menu "Document | Banner by default".

Adding a global report. It is accessible at any time via the menu "Report | Global report" and it is proposed in the Tableaux tab when the competition is ended. It is possible to choose the documents composing the global report and to configure them with the buttons "Preparing listings".

Improvement of referee assignment. Improvement of the case "Each referee on a single piste". Modification of the default options. When the assignment is started and nothing is assigned yet, a proposal for the maximum of matches per referee is made if the number indicated on the interface is not the best.

A ranking of the medals has been added, it is obtained with the menu “Report | Ranking” and item “Medal”1st choice when the competition is ended.

Improved default font processing (accessible by " Report | Default Font").

Fixed bug that occurred when adding a round of poules in a formula.

The sending of html files by http is done only on the site engarde-service. They operate according to a frequency which is chosen during the setting up of the competition on the site engarde-service. The remaining time before the next upload is indicated in the http parameters window. A button gives access to explanations.


When the slideshow is launched, the toolbar is detached. This allows you to put it where you want, including on a 2nd screen to make changes without the actions are seen by the audience. The toolbar appears by double-clicking and is shown at the top of the display screen. It also appears by typing K or Ctrl+K. In this case, it is shown where it was the previous time (it can be in a 2nd screen). Use the “esc” key to close the toolbar if you don't see it after Ctrl+K then double-click.

Ability to choose the 4 lines of a document header and their style. These lines are put in the models. The modification of the header can also be done by the "Parameter" button of the documents.

The displays can now have banners at the top. To access the banners, display the document then click on the "parameters" button. It is possible to set default banners to all documents with the menu "Document | Banner by default".

A ranking of the medals has been added, it is obtained with the menu “Report | Ranking” and item “Medal” 1st choice when the competition is ended.



Engarde, DiapoEngarde
Some documents may contain several tableaux on one page (access by the Document button, menu "These tableaux").
Descriptions of documents with multiple tableaux and of web files are put in the formula files and saved in the templates.
Providing multiple formula files with these descriptions.
A rank field is added to the fencers and teams list when requested by serial number.
Possibility to put a banner footer in documents (independent of that of the header).
When the list of competitions is redisplayed, the page remains in the same vertical position.
Fixing the DiapoEngarde bug which locks the page change after displaying a message.

Engarde, DiapoEngarde
Improvement of the treatment of the absence of printer by default.

Engarde Smart
Diffusion of an application running on smartphone, tablets and computers to see the results of competitions. Engarde sends the competition data to the engarde-service server where Engarde Smart retrieves them. Experimental functioning in May an
d June 2018



Improved backup of the competition.
Deletion of the "modified symmetric" message in poules entry and improved modification of abandonments, forfeits, exclusions.
Reintroducing the assignment of the pistes for the tableaux which do not have the fencers yet and which will be incomplete.
Detection in the final ranking of fencers who have normal status and have no match. These fencers are put "forfeit". Exception for formulas that are continued by another competition.

The 5-days "display" license, as the other licenses, allows the direct launch of DiapoEngarde.
Messages can be displayed by DiapoEngarde through the menu "Screen | Show a message".



The Engarde PRO license allows a 2nd session of Engarde PRO or DiapoEngarde or ShowPiste on the same computer. See documentation.
Two competitions can be managed with a license Engarde PRO.
It is also possible, with the extension of the desktop to a second screen, to have a DiapoEngarde on the Engarde PRO computer with the same license.



Simplification of the allocation of time and pistes.
In poules, "allocation of pistes" and "allocation of referees" are proposed at the relevant time.
In tableaux, a menu for each tableau proposes "allocation of pistes " and "allocation of referees".
In tableaux for teams, there is a button to enter the order of the fencers for each match.
Engarde creates the backup directory if needed.
Suppression of automatic FTP. Explanations are given when you want to use it.

DiapoEngarde stays on the current page when going full screen or returning from full screen.
Colors can be associated with competitions to distinguish them better, the choice of the colors is made in Engarde with the menu "Competition | Color> DiapoEngarde »

EngardeSwitch is a new application that allows you from computer A to choose which DiapoEngarde is displayed by a computer B on which there are several DiapoEngarde to show different documents (for example from different competitions). The switch can be manual or automatic. See documentation.



Engarde client-server
A new client-server mode to communicate between Engarde Main on one side, and Engarde Auxiliary and DiapoEngarde on the other side. See documentation.

Photo slideshow
A photo slideshow in DiapoEngarde and in ShowPiste. See documentation. See documentation.

Engarde, DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste run on Macintosh with WINE. See documentation.

Engarde Main
Engarde recreates the directory of the main backup of the competition if needed.
Immediate recording and backup in important moments.
Some improvements and some fixed bugs.

Engarde Auxiliary
An abandonment/forfeit/exclusion can be cancelled.

Connection to the pistes
Abandonment/forfeit/exclusion and substitution in teams cannot be done with the piste apparatus (a request made with the piste apparatus only produces a message in Engarde).
For these exceptional operations, the referee or the assistant must address the person who is running Engarde near the piste.

ShowPiste launches in a normal window and goes full screen on the screen where it is.
Added "Big names" display with big names, without scores or lamps.



Fixed the bug when adding a fencer to a poule - Improved backup system.



Better messages on backup - opening older versions



Better messages on backup - opening older versions



Reinstatement of the FFF files. Addition of an XML file "base of competition" with final ranking and of an XML extraction



Reinstatement of the list of printed matches.



Bugs fixed: constitution of poules document and provisory ranking of poules.
Addition of graphics of time used by Cyrano messages (Piste tab) and UDP messages and display (Reception form).



Fixed bug in XML files.
Restoring the keys A (absent), P (present) and CTRL + F (search) in the tables.



Home now includes a small menu for each competition proposed. Use this menu to open the competition in auxiliary mode or access the backups of the competition.

Engarde auxiliary works when the connection with Engarde main is interrupted (competition closed on Engarde main or network problem). When the connection is operational again, Engarde auxiliary sends the waiting results to Engarde main if the competition has not been closed on Engarde auxiliary.

Improvement of the allocation of poules at the level of fencers of the same rank. When this is possible, a question is asked to the user.

The directory of the main backups is now automatically created by adding "-BAK" to the name of the competition directory.

When Engarde cannot files save after several tries, it makes a backup and suggest to quit the application. When Engarde is restarted after that, it proposes to start from the backup.

Deleting the group and club from certain rankings in the default view.

When a piste apparatus requests the previous match, it is returned with the stopwatch status.

The console at the bottom of the window turns red when there are errors.

It is possible now to indicate to ShowPiste the piste to display. This is necessary when the piste apparatus run in broadcast (Marciano) and not to redirect the piste messages with Engarde in this case.



Fixed the bug on modification of categories when creating a competition by loading an xml file.
Fixed the bug that changed to "Poules completed" when you're in the poules and you assign pistes to a tableau.



Engarde 10.01
Home: display of recently competitions or competitions of the Competitions directory; more information about the competitions; sorting competitions
New treatment of Abandons, Forfeits, Exclusions. See manual.
Automatic updating of data files. See manual.
Improvement of “Web / define webfiles of tableaux”
Improvement of sending of web tableaux
Improvement of the search for a club in the file
The second language is suppressed, untranslated texts of a language are displayed in English
Calculation of short names reinstated.
Models of documents are reinstated
Add a Reset button to the formula
When changing a formula, the definition of the webfiles of tableaux is modified
French Federation: Updated club, league, category files
Italian Federation: Updated club, league, context, category files
Belgian Federation: addition of a category file
DiapoEngarde 10.01
Creation of a version 10 of DiapoEngarde



Removing the blocking message " EtatTour=nil" from DiapoEngarde



Engarde10 is mainly a more visual and ergonomic version of Engarde.

Several windows have been integrated into the main window as tabs. The main tables can be used as well. They can also be detached from the main window to have a view of two windows at the same time.

As with all tabbed applications, you can switch between tabs at any time (provided you do not open a modal window such as assigning tracks or referees). It is possible to close a tab. In this case, it can be found using the WINDOWS menu.

The poules of the current round and the tableaux are displayed in the state of the moment, in the form of maps that can be dragged. Poules and tableaux can be reduced or extended. It is possible to zoom in and out. A search mechanism can be used to find the poules and the tableaux of a fencer or referee.

The Formula tab provides a view of all the parameters of the formula and allows you to modify them. The formulas are loaded by choosing from a list in which each formula is described on 2 or 3 lines. The list can be obtained in French or English. It is possible to save personal formulas and load them with the same mechanism.

The pistes used are entered ("Pistes - Referees" button then "Names of the Pistes" menu). They are used for the assignment of pistes and referees (use of the whole list or a part). The connection to the pistes is facilitated by the ability to assign IP numbers to all pistes at once in two situations: (1) when the numbers follow one another on the last field of the IP numbers; (2) when using the FIE SEMI 1.0 standard.

Possibility of putting 4 nations to a referee (FIE request) and of taking into account 4 nations, or of nation+league+club, according to the choice of the user in the automatic allocation of referees.

Possibility of assigning a group A or B to the referees (request FIE) and of taking into account groups in the automatic assignment of referees.



Possibility of putting 4 nations to an arbitrator (request TRUSTS) and consideration of 4 nations or of nation+league+club according to the choice of the user in the automatic affectation of the referees.

Compatibility with the new Engarde 10 software.
At any time, it is possible to leave a competition managed with Engarde10 and resume it with Engarde 9.7 and vice versa.



Improvement of the allocation of referees by quarter when there is a mix of neutral referees on the quarters and referees who are not.
Give the criterion "Neutral referees on 1/4" the value "If possible".

Possibility in a base of competition XML file, to indicate the 4 title lines of the documents, example:
TitreLong="World Cup juniors saber women ind."
Titre1=" World Cup juniors"
Titre2="Saber Juniors Women Individual"
Titre3="Palaiseau - France"
Titre4="28 May 2017" ...>

Formulas with division 1 (with 8 or 16) and division 2 in which all places from 1 to 16 are fenced.



Bug fixed in formulas with customized tableaux



- Pools by level can be made for the last round (see manual).
- Formulas are described with more details. They are available in French and English.
- Allocation of referees : it is now possible to add available referees.
- Team : the list of the teams and the general ranking documents include the names of the fencers.
- Results XML files : the matches of the pools are now listed in the same order in which they were fenced.



New formulas with tables of 4 or 8 or 16 per levels. This type of formula is interesting when we do not want the weakest fencers to encounter the strongest fencers in the tableaux.
There is a small manual for this formula (Help menu | Recent manuals in English).

New draw to decide the team order (123 or 456) for the classic teams (as for the mixed teams).

When there is a barrage in the ranking of the pools, Engarde proposes first to take all the fencers in barrage.



Mixed teams:
New draw to decide who starts tableau by tableau. New draw to decide the team order (1234 or 5678).
The mixed teams management by Engarde has been approved by the FIE.

Several systems are possible. The new system for the French Fencing Federation’s categories has been set up.

Short names keep the accents (they are used by DiapoEngarde).
The duration of the matches on the scoring machines can be set from Engarde ( Piste window, “Parameters| Duration/match”).



Mixed teams management according to the FIE rules:
-mixed teams with manual entry, substitution for the girls and the boys
-mixed teams with connection to the pistes and manual management of substitution
-mixed teams with connection to the pistes and substitutions asked from the piste scoring machine (tested with Favero and Marciano scoring machines) A mixed team competition can be made from a mixed team XML file or from two individual competitions, a boy one and a girl one.
See the user Manuel from the "Help | Recent Manuals in English | Mixed teams –en .pdf" item of the "Help" menu.

Addition of fencers in the general ranking of teams
Fixed the issue with non-ranked teams there is now a random draw.
Team competitions are back in Engarde-Mini (8 teams limit).

Allowing mixed individual competitions.

Addition of a checkbox “First referees who officiated the less…”, in the advanced allocation of referee, to balance the referee activity.

HTML file: it is possible now to ask for a Korean display with the « HTML | Korean HTML encoding ». Please contact us if you wish to display with another language and it does not work with the « Automatic HTML encoding » setting.




Fixed bug "Match number 000" of some match sheets per team.
HTML files are more frequently sent to the website.



Team matches in poules:
- possibility to print bout sheets for team matches in poules,
- possibility to enter the details of the bouts for team matches in poules.
This works in the main and auxiliary modes, but not in connection to the pistes.

Remplacing in team matches in poules and tableaux :
When a substitute was used in a team, he can leave his place later to the holder.
This works by manual entry, in main and auxiliary mode and in connection to the pistes in the case of tableaux.

Strengthening the research of potential duplicated clubs.



1) Correction of a bug in the Advanced allocation of referees (loss referees on matches that did not have time when we asked again for "advanced referees").

2) "different affiliation between referees" is checked by default when you launch "Advanced referees."

3) In teams, after an end of match with the piste apparatus, if "previous" is made, Engarde returns to the round where we were. If one makes another "previous" and if the score is not changed, Engarde returns to the round before.

4) Details of team matches were added to HTML files. You must click on the scores for getting it.



Match order of poules of 6:
The match order of poules of 6 is modified in Engarde 9.61 to take into account the modification of the rules of the FIE.
For cases that do not require a special order, it is : 1-2 4-3 6-5 3-1 2-6 ...

It is possible to print sheets of team bouts when the fencer order is not provided. The sheets are then incomplete but can be easily completed on the piste.

Flag of TPE is changed.
Flag of MRI is added.



Removing licenses "EngardePro" 5 days.
Adding licenses "Display" 5 days to DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste.
DiapoEngarde ShowPiste and can operate with licenses "Display" and license "EngardePro".

WheelChairs fencing
Use a field in the parameters of the competition. In Wheelchairs, the order of matches in the poules is different.

Large poules and poules on several pistes.
Possibility of large poules , for example 15, 20 or 40, with an order of the matches.
Possibility to make a poule on several pistes. See documentation.

  Match sheets and team matches:
Adding a type of sheets "with video" to record video demand according to FIE new rules.
  Connection to pistes scoring machines:
Adding a "Menu" button on the table of the pistes.
Pistes can be connected and disconnected.
It is possible to copy the description of the pistes in a file and load a file describing the pistes.
Adding a transmission of the matches from Engarde Auxilary to Engarde with UDP and possibility to choose between UDP and file upload transmission.

Photos of the fencers in ShowPiste
Next match for poules in ShowPiste
Fixed a bug in adjusting size in DiapoEngarde
Applications signed by the publisher Aristod



Possibility to print a part of a tableau.
Possibility to assign a fencer number to unclassified fencer numbers (Fencer form, Edit menu).
Possibility to add messages to certain rankings depending of the fencer rank.
Bug of printing the detailed team matches is fixed.
ISR is put in Europ.



Engarde runs on Windows 8.
The Full screen bug of DiapoEngarde is fixed.
A match-sheet displays three referees when there is no video referee.
Lines are gray in the documents.
Possibility to change the character encoding (see manual).
Checking of uniqueness of Mask numbers.
Possibility to use Mask numbers instead of fencer Id in Cyrano protocols.



Engarde: improved progressive entry.
DiapoEngarde: ability to run on a second monitor in extended desktop.



Buttons allow to access to the competition websites (results and LIVE)


Engarde Pro sends hits to the website for LIVE on the Internet




Publishing the lists, poules, tableaux, rankings on the website with Engarde Basic(manual) and Pro(automatic).
No more sending HTTP to an user's site(use instead the site Sending with FTP is still possible.
Allocation of referees: filtering match because of a time schedule has been enabled again before applying a new time schedule filter.
Fixed a flashing windows and menus issue when Engarde main receives matches.
Interruption of file sending from Engarde auxiliary when Engarde main does not load them for 30 seconds.
Up to date languages​​: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese.
Recent Files of leagues and clubs of the FFE.



- Addition of the veteran4 category in the extraction process
- "Import some / range" uses now a window where entities to be imported are selected
- Imported fencer are withdrawn from the memory
- Improvement of text import (more imported fields)

Referee activity
- Mention of the type "match / video" in the choice and the title of the document
- "Add several referees" proposes present referees without those who already are in the table

New competition from an xml file: Engarde proposes to import the fencers and the referees.

Improvement of the move to the next match from the piste apparatus.



Possibility of exchanging FIE licences and national licences (menu "Edit" of the Fencer window).
Possibility of having two fencers of the same last names and the same first names if the licence numbers are different.

Referee allocation "Only matches with hour" is checked by default.
Warning when making an allocation of referees without having the hours on the matches.



Fixed the update of the list of the matches to be printed.
Change on the calculation of categories for veterans.
Display of the category in the poules sheets for the new competitions Display of the firstname of the fencers in team competitions.
The old referee allocation has been deleted.

Sending on the web in Pro mode
Possibility to send files on a web site directly from Engarde by http To do so, use the meny “Web | HTTP Parameters”. The files are put on a waiting list.
Load/Save models of web tableaux. To do so, use “Define web files” then “File” One can make the web files for the tableaux without publishing them (menu “Web”).

Possibility to use the short names (10 characters) for the name of the fencers in the poules and the tableaux.
Improvement of the adjustement to the size of the page in DiapoEngarde.
Addition of scripts for the tableaux for teams.

For teams , when one loads a XML file of the fencers after the creation, there is no allocation of teams.
In such a case, one can set the teams with the menu “team” of the fencer’s window.
New update functionning the directory SystemeEngarde9xx is provided to be droped next to the previous one.
At the first start of the update, the provided files of diapomodels and models are copied in the directory Ressources1.



Referee Allocation
Addition of « N referees randomly » or « N referees who refereed the least”.
Addition of a setting “Referee on all the matches of a piste” to the allocation of referees.

Piste and time schedule allocations
Addition of a setting “Maximum use of the pistes”.
You can now simulate an incomplete tableau when the tableau is empty .

Addition of buttons to the documents toolbar: columns choice, font size, line space and adjust.
Addition of a document giving time schedule and piste for the fencers and the referees (poules and tableaux).
Improvement of the printing of the match sheets.
The mechanism of a report model is set for all the main reports.
Adjustment the width of the columns of the reports.

Synchronization of DiapoEngarde on the fencers, teams, referees, clubs, leagues, countries and formulas lists.
Addition of a script system to make diaporamas that are going on from a display to another.
Adjustement of the display to the window width.

Engarde auxiliary
Synchronization of Engarde auxiliary with the fencers, teams, referees, clubs, leagues, countries lists and with the formula, enter and change the fencers and referees and checking off the fencers.



Correction of a bug introduced in version 9.43 which prevented from creating an XML file.



Tableaux with ranking in DiapoEngarde
- Possibility to display a tableau with the ranking of the tableaux below.

Models of documents
- Introduction of models of documents for poules, rankings of poules, tableaux, rankings of tableaux.
- Models will be also implemented for other documents later.

Advanced allocation of referees
- Addition of a parameter "Each referee on a single piste".

- update of the texts in Spanish, Italian and German.
- Addition of "Video demands" on team sheets.
- Recent competitions are now listed in the "open" menu.
- Modification of the treatment of the Cyrano protocol (default values are sent instead of empty values).
- Addition of "payment" and "mode" fields to fencers.
- Some bugs fixed.



Temporary ranking with mention: Qualified  +  -  Eliminated.
Combined display of poules and temporary ranking.
Update of the Spanish and Italian versions.



Possibility to display losers on the left of tableau.
Possibility to display another tableau on the left of tableau.
Replacement of the three menus for displaying tableaux by one opening a window for choosing the parameters.
Correction of a bug occurring during first installation.



Allocation of hours and pistes in poules and tableaux
New module, with:
- possibility to have cycles on hours or pistes or part of tableau,
- possibility to skip the finished matches,
- possibility to use formulas like10:00+0:15*7

Advanced allocation of referees
- the allocation runs also for poules,
- the allocation runs also without hours,
- it is possible to combine country, region, club criteria,
- addition of referees with multi-selection and drag and drop,
- it is possible to place referees on two consecutive matches,
- it is possible to place referees which are on two consecutive matches on the match of the winners,
- parameters can have an "if possible" value,
- "Undo" function,
- the analysis provides a filling rate in addition to the satisfaction rate,
- the manual in French and English is enriched.

- inadequate formulas function in some cases, like a Senior World Cup formula with less than 64 fencers in direct elimination,
- possibility of having exemption in tableaux (to be manipulated very carefully),
- possibility to qualify in a tableau a number of fencers different from 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. (please, avoid this, it has no real meaning to finish a tableau with 16 winners and only 12 of them qualified according to the starting ranking).

- the free MINI version of Engarde allows running evaluation competitions of Engarde PRO (with "New competition"),
- Engarde MINI is limited to 40 fencers and 8 teams,
- possibility to change the default font ("Report" menu of the Engarde window),
- entry of cards in matches,
- detailed information about already fenced matches,
- less sensitive detection of the close names,
- initial ranking report of a particular tableau,
- correction of a bug when a tableau is renamed.



Correction of a bug in the referee command "Delete the 1/4 numbers". Modification of the referees import/export so that old files can be imported.



Modifications of the advanced allocation of the referees in the tableaux in order to follow the new rules of the FIE and to have more possibilities:
- three modes: Basic, PRO and PRO+FIE,
- a user manual in French and English (Help menu),
- the possibility to set the quarter of a referee,
- optional constraints for the automatic allocation (neutrality by 1/4, proximity, cross-interest, different countries, time interval),
- the possibility to reuse the referees of the previous tableau,
- list of the matches of the referees
- list of the referees of the matches

Automatic allocation of the referees in the poules : possibility to select a part of the poules, to set referees then to select another part of the poules and to set the same referees.

Other modifications for FIE competitions
- Purple color for the FIE mode,
- Incitation to use the FIE mode for the FIE competitions,
- History of the special actions for the FIE mode,
- Referee activity for the match referees and the video referees.

- Correction of a bug in the list of tableaux which can be recreated,
- Automatic merging of doubloons of regions and clubs,
- Check of the possible doubloons of referees and fencers,
- In searches, possibility to choose the alphabetic or the structured order,
- Improvement of "Enter pistes and times" for incomplete tableaux and for poules,
- Import/export of referees with FIE license and birthday.



Correction of a bug in the calculation of the points of the teams. Improvement of the communication with ShowPiste.



Improvement of the "Extraction" and "Restrict" functions. Addition of a gender criterion in the "Extraction" function. Menus for the calculations of team numbers and points have been enabled in the basic mode.



Addition of the "Restrict" function which was suppressed when the "Extraction" function was added (request from Versailles).



Limitation of Engarde MINI to 50 fencers. Extension of the functioning to 31/8/2011.



Correction of a bug of DiapoEngarde about local licences. Extension of the functioning to 31/8/2010.



A "5 days" licence is added to the offer for Engarde Basic and Engarde Pro. Addition of automatic backup each X minutes.



Engarde Basic requires a paid licence. A new free version "MINI" is created. It is possible to directly open one of the last competitions. It is possible to open a competition on several computers with "open in auxiliary mode". Correction of some bugs.



Engarde Basic can read and write "fff" files. Adjustment of categories veteran1, veteran2 and veteran3. Categories can be displayed in poules and tableaux. Research of doubloons of clubs and regions/states. Correction of some bugs.



Introduction of an extended xml format with national license numbers, matches of tableaux without opponent, competition location. Split of category veteran in veteran1, veteran2 and veteran3. Extraction of fencers from a competition to an XML file (menu competition | extraction) in order to create a new competition. Advanced allocation of referees by club or region. Advanced allocation of referees is now in Engarde BASIC. Addition of an evaluation mode Engarde PRO in the new competition menu. Update of texts en German, Spanish and Italian. Small evolution of ShowPiste.



Version 9.12 before advanced allocation of referees in Engarde BASIC.



Creation of the Ins_tall_Engarde software for installing updates while preserving added ressources. Creation of the ShowPiste software which displays information of the piste. Addition of a function for choosing the tableaux to be included in the Web file which are automatically sent. Implementation of simulators of piste apparatus (serial and IP). Access to automatic allocation of the 2nd referee and to referee activity from Engarde BASIC. Update of the texts in Spanish and Italian. Addition of a context for the Italian Federation of fencing (FIS).



Correction of the initialization file of team competitions. Implementation of the “Cyrano” protocol for IP communication with piste apparatuses. Update of the texts and help file in Italian.



A "yes" answer to a proposition of update places directly on the "update" page of the Website. The short title of a competition which is just created is used by default as network identifier.

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