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Add visual information to your competitions


Display has become an unavoidable part of big competitions, for the participants, the public and the organizers: Find easily the information needed by the fencers and their staff.


  • Better follow up of the assaults on the pistes

  • Better follow up of the progress of the competition

  • Find easily the information needed by the fencers and their staff

  • Allow your organizing team to follow up and manage the competition better


With DiapoEngarde

Do not miss anything of the ongoing competition

Display on large screen, in the competition site:


  • Scrolling poules or a fix poule with evolving scores.     

  • Scrolling tableaux or a fix part of a tableau with evolving scores.

  • Lists of fencers, rankings.

  • DiapoEngarde displays flags.

  • Scripts that enable displaying of automatic display sequences


With ShowPiste

Follow up the assaults with fervor by displaying the state of the piste on big screens
(names, nations, flags, scores, lamps, stopwatch,cards) using serial or Ethernet connection between the piste apparatus and Engarde PRO.

With EngardeSwitch

Alternately display documents from one or more competitions on your screens.

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