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Engarde Smart 

A service to follow competitions   from your smartphone.

1. What Engarde Smart shows

Access to EngardeSmart, see examples:
Engarde Smart is under experimentation during May and June 2018.

Follow the path of a fencer

  Engarde Smart enables following the path of a chosen fencer.
  Engarde Smart displays the next match: opponent, time and piste.


Follow your favorite fencers, countries and clubs.

Engarde Smart offers a function to manage favorites.
Favorites can be fencers, countries and clubs.
Favorites are marked with 4 distinct colors in all the Engarde Smart pages.


The results can be filtered so that only the results of the selected favorite appear.


Engarde Smart becomes the essential tool to follow a fencing competition in an efficient and personalized way.

2. Providing data to Engarde Smart

To provide data to Engarde Smart:

- use version 10.044 of Engarde or later,

- declare your competition on Engarde Service:

- open the http parameters of Engarde (Web menu) and connect to the competition


This allows sending HTML files to the engarde-service site and automatic sending of Engarde Smart data.

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