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Engarde Smart Assistant Organizer manual

This part concerns the organizers who manage the competition with Engarde. Read the user manual of Engarde Smart Assistant beforehand.

Two categories of people can perform data entry:

- Assistants: these are people in the organization who usually take care of a few pistes.

- Referees: In small competitions, referees may agree to do this work. In the rest of the document, we very often use the term "assistant" for "assistant or referee".


It is strongly recommended, before a competition that uses assistants (and/or referees) who have never entered data with Engarde Smart Assistant, to do a simulation in the days before the competition. This can be done remotely. See the explanations at the end of this document.

Standard preparation in Engarde management

1. Declare the competition on engarde-service.


2. Create your competition in Engarde.


3. If you use assistants, enter them in the "Assistants" window and indicate in the "Piste" field the pistes they mainly deal with. In standard functioning, do not provide a password.


4. Connect the competition to engarde-service with "Web | Web Panel".


5. Choose in the menu "Engarde Smart | Receipt of data entered with Engarde Smart Assistant". Engarde asks you for the "initial password". In standard operation, provide a password. Choose a password that is not too simple.


6. Engarde then asks you who can send data with Engarde Smart (referees and/or assistants).

Initial information for assistants (and/or referees)

Prepare a sheet for the assistants with: The url of the application that is:


The QR-code of the application that is:


The smart ID of your competition (it is displayed by Engarde in the blue part of the web panel).

You can set up a QR-code instead that launches the application on your competition. To do this, go to a website where you can create QR-codes, for example:


And provide the url: where xxx is the smart identifier of the competition.

In standard functioning, indicate the "initial password" to the assistants. Do not give them a paper and tell them not to disclose it to avoid having pirates disrupting your competition. It is best for the assistants (and referees) to enter the initial password at the TD.

Passwords for referees and assistants in Engarde gestion

Passwords are stored in the competition data. They are displayed with ***** in the tables of referees and assistants.

The "Password" button allows you to do the following operations:

- See the passwords of the selected lines

- Enter/change a person's password

- Delete the passwords of the selected lines

- Block passwords for selected or all lines

- Unlock passwords for selected or all lines When a password is blocked the assistant (or referee) cannot provide data.

When a password is empty and not blocked, the assistant (or referee) who has not logged in must use the initial password.

When a password is changed, the assistant (or referee) is disconnected and must re-enter the password.

Password blocking is useful when not all assistants (or referees) have the right to enter data. Blocking a user's password is also useful when you think there is a problem, that the user's account may be pirated. In this case, start by blocking this password, then go to the user. Ask him to change his password with Engarde management and then unlock the password. If a person has pirated into the user, they will be disconnected.

The assistants' pistes in Engarde management

Assistants can enter data for all matches. The pistes assigned to them are used to facilitate their work by presenting first the matches of these pistes. These pistes can be changed during the competition.

Verification of match results in Engarde management

The results must be verified by comparing the paper information with that of Engarde, for the completed poules and for the tableau matches. It is also necessary to prevent the verified results from being modified by the arrival of new results. To do this, proceed as follows:

To check a completed poule or tableau match, start by blocking it by clicking on the icon               and choosing "blocked".

The icon becomes.              Then compare the pool or match of Engarde with the paper and make corrections if necessary. Then click on the icon              and choose "verified". The icon becomes       .


The composition of teams

It is necessary to explain to the assistants, at the beginning of the team competition, how the composition of the teams is entered. It is important to ensure confidentiality (the assistant should not see what is being entered by the team captain) and to know that there is no possibility of changing an entry that has been completed and validated by the captain.

It should be explained to the team captains at the beginning of the competition that they will provide the order of the fencers to the assistants and that this order once entered will not be modifiable. In fact, this order cannot be modified with Engarde Smart but it can be modified at the DT with Engarde management. It seems to us that there is no good reason to agree to change this order, but we leave it to the TD to decide.

In Engarde management, we know that the composition of a team is recorded because the team is highlighted in yellow.


Functioning without initial password

Functioning without initial password You can choose to function without an initial password for assistants (and/or referees).

To do this, provide an empty initial password. In this case, you must enter the passwords of the assistants in the table that concerns them with Engarde management. It is best to ask each assistant to enter their password.

Simulation with a test competition

It is strongly recommended, before a competition that uses assistants (and/or referees) who have never entered with Engarde Smart Assistant, to do a simulation in the days before the competition.

This can be done remotely. This is important because sometimes the application does not work on some devices. It is not a device model problem, but a configuration or browser problem (it is better to use a non-proprietary browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari) and because the assistants must already have made entries before they are on a real competition.

To do this, declare a competition on engarde-service and check the box:


so that the competition does not appear in the list of competitions displayed on the site.

Provide to the assistants by email the url: where xxx by the smart identifier of the competition, and the initial password.

Create a competition with Engarde management. Create the poules and ask the assistants to provide the results of their poules. Then do the same with the tables. For a team competition, ask the assistants to simulate the entry of the team composition and the use of substitutes.

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