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Engarde Smart Assistant User manual

This part concerns users who are assistants or referees.

Engarde Assistant is an application for performing operations near the pistes for competitions managed with Engarde software:

-Enter the results of the matches,
-Enter the composition of the teams (the order of the fencers),
-Make substitution in team competitions.
-Engarde Smart Assistant runs in a browser on smartphones, tablets and computers.


Its url is

Three categories of people can perform data entry:

- Assistants: these are people in the organization who usually take care of a few pistes.
- Referees: In small competitions, referees may agree to do this work.
- Teams: the team captains can enter the composition of their teams (the order of the fencers).

In the rest of the document, we very often use the term "assistant" for "assistant or referee or team".

The entry of match results with Engarde Smart Assistant is useful to inform everyone (in the room and outside) of the results as soon as they are known.

The entry of the team composition with Engarde Smart Assistant has the advantage of making this process more fluid: assistants will contact the team captains so that they can provide the order of the fencers of their teams for the next match.

Substituting in team competitions near the pistes is the best place to do so.

Launch of Engarde Smart Assistant and connection.

The technical directory of competitions using Engarde Smart Assistant must provide you with the information necessary to launch Engarde Smart Assistant and to connect you.

The url is

The QR-code below is usable:


Then you have to look for the competition. If it has the current date and it is not a test, it is proposed in the home page. If it has the current date and it is a test, you must use the menu to display the tests.

You can also use the menu and the item "Entering a competition identifier" (the competition identifier is provided by the TD).

Note: It is preferable to use a non-proprietary browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Once on the competition, touch the referee, assistant or team arrow that concerns you name (if this is not proposed, tell the DT). In normal functioning, you are in the list with a "Connection" button next to your name or the team (if this is not the case, tell the DT).


Touch the " Connection " button and provide the requested password. The password is indicated by the DT. It can be an automatically generated personal password, or an initial password that will need to be changed. In general, the first time, the initial password has been given to you by the TD. If the application asks you for a personal password, choose one that is not too simple but that you can easily remember (you get a screen with "Waiting for authorization" while your password goes to Engarde management via the web server and the authorization returns. This usually takes about ten seconds. You must be connected to the network at this time).

When you are connected, your home page indicates who you are and what next matches to enter concern you:


   By touching the arrow, you get complete information about what concerns you; a "Cancel" button allows you to disconnect; a "For all matches" button allows you to access all matches or only to those of the pistes that have been assigned to you.


Results entry

   The pen next to a poule in the list of poules to be entered or in the displayed poules:


gives access to the matches of this poule.
The pen next to a match allows you to capture the result of that match.


   The pen is green when the match has not been entered, yellow when it has already been entered (the result can be modified). It is replaced by a padlock when the match is blocked (match validated).

Entry of the team composition by an assistant


   When a captain is ready to enter the composition of his team, select the match by touching the yellow arrow of the match (yellow means "the composition of at least one team has not yet been entered"):

You get this:


Touch the pen of the team concerned. Engarde Smart Assistant asks again for your password and then displays:


  Then give your smartphone to the captain to enter the order of the fencers. You must not look at what the captain is entering.
  When the captain has indicated his choice, he touches "Ok" and gets:


  He can say no and modify. When he says yes, the composition is saved and can no longer be modified; the screen becomes:


At that moment, the captain returns the smartphone to you.

Entry of the composition of the teams by the captain

   When the captain is logged in, the home page indicates whether the team composition has to be entered and displays a button to do so when this is the case. The entry is done as described above.

Substituting in team competitions

   Touch the blue arrow to get the details of the match


   You get this:


  In this case, we are on the second bout and it is Arpino who is fencing for Italy. If Arpino is injured, you must touch the "Substitute" button in Italy to replace him. The same table is obtained with arrows in front of the Italian fencers. You have to touch the one in front of Arpino. We get:


   Arpino was replaced by Neri and the information was sent to Engarde.

  The "Substitute" button also allows you to put a substitute on a subsequent assault, when the replacement is known in advance. It also allows you to cancel a substitution.

  The "Holder" button allows you to return the holder to a subsequent assault after a substitution and also to cancel the holder's return.

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