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Engarde 10 client-server

  From version 10.04, Engarde10 works in client-server mode: a main Engarde session that manages a competition is a server and the sessions of Engarde Auxiliary and DiapoEngarde become clients. This means that Auxiliary Engarde and DiapoEngarde no longer read the competition files, but get the information from the server.


  If you do not use Engarde Auxiliary and DiapoEngarde, it does not change anything for you. However, you must update the software to take advantage of the latest improvements and bug fixes.


  If you use Engarde Auxiliary or DiapoEngarde, here's the way it's going. You open the competition with Engarde in main session as usual. On another computer (this can also be done on the same computer) you launch Engarde or DiapoEngarde. Two seconds after displaying the list of competitions, the application adds the competitions that can be opened in "client" in a green banner.

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  Just click on the arrow to open the competition as an Engarde Auxiliary or DiapoEngarde client. Data is updated automatically (faster than in file reading mode). There is no need to go and find a competition on another computer on the network (and to set up the permissions for that). It works even between Windows PCs and Macintosh computers (Engarde runs on Macintosh by installing the WINE emulator).


  The old mode (file reading) remains on for a few months

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