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Character encoding in Engarde

The character encoding, also called charset determines the way certain characters are displayed. By default (when the user does not make modifications) the local charset is used; is called default charset. Until now, Engarde used only the default charset and it was possible to use the local characters but they were not correctly written in HTML and XML files because the charset indicated by Engarde in these files was iso-8859-1 which is the Occidental encoding.

From version 9.56, Engarde indicates the current charset in HTML and XML files when the charset is one of table 1, except for FIE XML files where it always indicates iso-8859-1 according to the FIE specifications. The current charset is the default charset when the user has not made modifications and is the charset chosen by the user otherwise.

iso-8859-1            Occidental encoding

windows-1250     Central Europe encoding

windows-1251      Cyrillic encoding

windows-1253     Greek encoding

windows-1254     Turkish encoding

windows-1255     Hebrew encoding

windows-1256     Arabic encoding

windows-1257     Baltic encoding

windows-1258     Vietnamese encoding

The Windows charsets that can be explicitly used in Engarde

The other modifications concerning the charset in Engarde are the following: It is now possible to change the charset using the “File | Character encoding” menu but this is generally not necessary as the computer has the default charset.

When a competition is created from an XML file, Engarde moves to the charset indicated by the XML file.

Important remarks

Engarde is developed on French computers having the iso-8859-1 default charset. So, the developers cannot test all the situations regarding charsets. If you are concerned by a particular charset, please try carefully your charset things and write the result (what works, what does not work) to

When you use a charset which is different from iso-8859-1 (Occidental encoding), use the English language in Engarde in order to avoid having strange characters in the texts of Engarde. When you manage FIE competitions, don’t modify the charset, stay in the default charset and use only Latin letters without accents.


If you use the Chinese language, stay in the default charset. The Chinese language is not in table 1 because it is not accessible from French computer but it is a possible default charset.

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