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Fencer’s Status in Engarde, Ranking and XML Files

Fencer’s Status in Engarde and Ranking The status has four possible values:

- Normal

- Forfeit : the fencer did not start the competition

- Abandonment: The fencer abandoned

- Exclusion: the fencer was excluded for disciplinary reasons.

In the new FIE terminology, Forfeit is DNS (did not start) and Abandonment is DNF (did not finish).

As the FIE now wants to know the abandonments for medical reasons, there is now a medical attribute for the fencer that is "yes" in the case of medical abandonment, "no" in the case of abandonment for technical reasons.

The general ranking document allows the status to be displayed in both terminologies. When the competition is over, it now contains all fencers, including exclusions and forfeits (which have no rank). Abandonments have no rank when there is not at least one full poule or tableau match that has been completed by the fencer.

Setting up the status while entering a poule or a tableau match.


We do this as before, using a character A, E or F or with the button. In any case, it triggers an explicit choice, for example:


The choice takes into account the situation. In the example, Forfeit is not proposed because the fencer has already fenced an entire match. The choice also provides the "medical" information.

A, E or F appears in the poules or match. This can be cleared. This can be changed.

Changing the status by the fencer's table

The fencer's table displays the status and the medical attribute.


When you modify a fencer, you have access to the status field but you do not see the medical field.

With a double-click on the status or by pressing a key, you can change the status and medical values. It also involves a choice that takes into account the situation, for example:


In the case above of someone who is eliminated in a poule of a completed round, one cannot change anything in principle, except for an abandonment where one can change the medical attribute.
There is however access to all possibilities (as inscribed in the window) using the Options menu in which we can choose:


What can be done depending on the situation:

- For a fencer eliminated from the poules who abandons, one can change medical.

- For someone who is in the current round or in the current table, all statuses are possible, except forfeit if there is already a poule or tableau match fenced.

- For someone who is not yet in the poules or tableaux (who is exempt or who is out of competition), the statuses possible are normal and forfeit.

You can put abandonments, forfeits, exclusions between 2 rounds: forfeit for an exemption, abandonment and exclusion for a qualified. You can cancel that.

The status can be changed with Engarde Auxiliary in entering poules and matches but not in the fencer's table.

The status works identically on the teams.

In the overall ranking, there is a complementary choice:


It indicates how to fill the column "status". In this column, the value "normal" is not displayed. The status column can be hidden. It's analogous for DiapoEngarde.

When the competition is not ended and there are exemption, abandonments, exclusions, the overall ranking may be incomplete (some exemption, abandonments, exclusions that do not appear) and may contain holes (a row with nobody).

A fencer who is forfeit and who is neither in the poules nor in the tableaux is in the overall ranking, without rank. To make it disappear, put it absent in the fencer’s table.

The menu “Report | Exceptional exit” gives a description of the exceptional exits of the competition.

 XML result files

The XML 2019 result files follow the new instructions of the FIE concerning the status and the classification. Their use will be mandatory from January 2019.

In the general list, fencers who have an exceptional exit have a status that is:

- DNS for Forfeit: the fencer did not start the competition

- MED for Abandonment for medical reasons

- DNF for Abandonment for technical reasons

- EXC for Exclusion for disciplinary reasons.

This status is also indicated in matches where the exceptional exit takes place.

All fencers present are in the general list. Fencers who do not rank in the general ranking, as described above, have no rank in the XML file.

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