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Engarde Licenses

An Engarde license is installed on a computer with a key. To install a key, use Engarde and the “Key | Install a key” menu. The keys are placed in the “Ressources1\Cles” directory.


They can be copied in another “Ressources1\Cles” of the same computer if you have several Engarde directories on this computer, but cannot be copied to another computer.


The keys can be bought on our online shop:  or by an order form send to :

The 3 types of license

EngardeBasic License

An EngardeBasic license enables running several Engarde in basic mode on the computer. So you can manage several competitions at the same time in basic mode on the computer with a single EngardeBasic License.

Engarde Pro License

An EngardePro license enables running an application in Pro mode among Engarde, DiapoEngarde, ShowPiste on the computer, plus another (bonus) application on the same computer. So 1 license enables running 2 applications. With several EngardePro licenses on a computer (let N be this number), the first application Engarde or DiapoEngarde that is launched becomes a licenses distributor to launch other applications (N-1 launches) on the computer or another computer of the local network. As a bonus, it enables launching a complementary application on the same computer (not on another computer of the local network). So N licenses allow N+1 runs.

Display License

A display license enables running a DiapoEngarde or ShowPiste application on the computer or another computer on the local network. The Display licenses are made to be distributed on the local network by an Engarde or DiapoEngarde application as license distributor (which has been launched first with an EngardePro License). However, a Display license is directly usable by ShowPiste (but not by DiapoEngarde).


Managing one competition with a DiapoEngarde display


Solution  #1:


       1 EngardePro license

       1 computer connected to a screen in the room with extended Windows desktop. If the screen           in the room is not visible from the workplace, you can use a small complementary screen               close to the computer and a VGA splitter if the connection uses VGA signal (other video                 standard splitters may be possible)

Solution #2:

      2 licenses: an EngardePro license and a Display license or a second EngardePro license   

      2 computers: computer A with 2 licenses and on which you run Engarde. Computer B                         connected to the display screen of the room in a Windows desktop copy mode which runs             DiapoEngarde which ask a license to computer A.

Managing two competitions with a display by DiapoEngarde on a single screen.

Solution #3:

3 licenses : an EngardePro license and 2 Display licenses or 2 other licenses EngardePro A            computer connected to the screen in the room in Windows extended desktop mode. If the            screen in the room is not visible from the workplace, you can use a small additional screen            close to the computer. According to the video standard of your hardware, you can use a                splitter (VGA, HDMI…)

The computer runs 2 EngardePro (one for each competition) and 2 DiapoEngarde (one for each competition). The EngardeSwitch application can be used to switch automatically from the display of a competition to another.


Solution #4:


2 EngardePro licenses : 2 computers : a computer A with an EngardePro license on which you manage 2 competitions with Engarde; a computer B with one Engarde Pro license connected to a screen in the room in Windows duplicated desktop mode on which you run             2 DiapoEngarde.

The Engarde Switch can be used on the computer A (EngardeSwitch commands the                       computer B in this case) to switch automatically from the display of a competition to another           one.


Solution #5:


3 licenses: An EngardePro license and 2 Display licenses or 2 other  EngardePro licenses              Same as the solution #4 but with 3 licenses on the computer A

The list of the sessions

The « Network | List of sessions » menu of Engarde or DiapoEngarde as licenses distributor allows seeing the licenses used and the licenses available. Here is an example:


At start, there were 2 EngardePro licenses, 2 Display licenses and a bonus license (EngardePro  local ).

3 licenses have been distributed. They are indicated in the table. With the application that distributes  the licenses, it makes a total of 4 applications launched. It remains one available EngardePro license (see the second line).

The “menu” bouton enables terminating a session. It is useful in special cases where the application has been closed and that has not been updated in the table of the used licenses. Please note, if you terminate a session of a running application, it quits the Pro mode.

The applications that received a license from a license distributor and that remains 10 minutes
without being able to communicate with it, quit the Pro mode.

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