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Creating an account on engarde

To access the registration form, click on the "Register" button on the menu of the home page.

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To work the registration form needs Javascript to be active for this site. If that is not the case, please activate it in your web browser settings.
The main reference for an account is the organism. The login for the site should be linked to the organism that owns the account. So the details about the organism are the first to be filled in.
First of all the login should be typed with letters and numbers, no blank spaces, « - » « _ » are allowed.
The login is automatically put in lower case.
If you type unauthorized characters, a warning message displays and the character is deleted.
Next field is the status which can be : International or national federation, league or club.
The country is selected with a list using the letters international code.
Finally, type the address of the organism with the three fields "Address", "Postcode" and "City".


The second part of the form deals with your personal data as a representative person of the organism for
The email address is very important because you will receive your password at this address.


The last part of the form contains mandatory fields to validate your registration.
Accepting the conditions of use of the service is mandatory to use the web site.
To validate de registration click on “Register”.


The system checks that the login and the email address are unique.

A warning message is displayed in case of an issue about the login or the email, and the registration is not validated.

When the registration is validated  you receive un email at the address you have provided. This email contains the information you need to log in.

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