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Fencers and Teams

Most of the functions of the windows including tables (fencers, teams, referees) are the same : see the help about tables

Fencers and Teams

  • Import all: copy all the fencers or teams to the competition

Functions for teams


Merging teams

For the "Teams" window, from the "Entry" button, "Merge" make one entity from two, for example, if you got two clubs name that are actually the same club

Calculations for teams

In the Teams window, it is possible to calculate the team numbers (or the points) from the fencers (Engarde take the three best numbers). To do this, use the "Team" button of the window.

Automatic allocation of teams

In the Fencers window, when the competition is a team competition, it is possible to do an automatic allocation of teams to the fencers that did not have a team if the teams are given as the club, the state or the country of the fencer. This operation is made through the "Team" button of the Fencers window.

File and Memory


The "File" button enables exporting and importing fencers. Importing a text (csv) or xml file loads fencers in the memory. The "Memory" button gives access to all the functions to manage memory.

  • Load: to load a file in the memory (you can add several files in the memory)

  • Empty: to empty the memory

  • Available: to know the amount of fencers or teams in the memory

  • Import one: copy a fencer or a team from the memory in the competition

  • Import range: a window appears that allow choosing the fencers or teams to import

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