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Exempts and progressive entries in Engarde

For formulas in which some fencers do not fence some matches, there are two functionalities: exempt and progressive entries.

Note that the FIE Senior formula is ready and works with exempts.

In other cases, the organizer can choose the most suitable functionality after reading the following.


Exempted are fencers that are present from the start of the competition. In poules and some tableaux, you can indicate that there are N exempts. When Engarde creates these poules or these tableaux, it exempts N lowest ranked fencers. At the end of the round, it classifies these fencers before fencers who fenced matches. To use the exemption, one must know in advance how many fencers are exempt. If there are some absents, we can solve the problem by giving these missing fencers the status "scratch." There is no possibility to add exempt when the round starts, except redo the round.

Example with exempt in poules and in the tableau

We want a round of poules with N exempts and an unfinished tableau (stopping with 64 fencers) in which the N fencers are always exempt, but with the addition of P highest ranked fencers in the poules which are also exempt. At the end of the unfinished tableau, we want to extract the N+P+64 fencers still in competition for the rest of the competition the next day starting with poules. N and P are known in advance and all fencers are present at the start of competition. In this case, you can use the exemption. In formula:

- indicate N exempts for the poules

- indicate N+P exempts for the tableau

At the end, the ranking has first the N fencers, then P fencers, then fencers qualified in the tableau. They can be extracted to prepare the competition for the next day.

Warning: Make sure that the fencer numbers provided to Engarde do that N fencers are before P fencers themselves before the other fencers because Engarde uses the best classified as exempts every time.

Progressive entries

The progressive entries let you add fencers who are not yet in competition at the beginning of a round of poules or tableaux that is made by ranking. To use this functionality, says "yes" to "progressive entry" in the formula. At this point, Engarde demands at every turn if there are fencers to add. If there are, they are classified in the original classification round to go before those who fenced the previous round.

At the start of competition, mark present only the fencers who fence the first round of poules. If there are fencers entering the second round of poules, or the tableau, they must be marked present in Engarde before starting to create the second round of poules or tableau. You have to answer "yes" to the question "entry of new fencers." Engarde will look for the fencers present that are not yet in competition and will propose to add (you can take only those between two fencer numbers of your choice, but the best is to have marked present only those who enter in this round).

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