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Pools by levels

It is possible with Engarde to make pools by levels in the last round of pools. In this formula, in the last round of pools, if pools of 6 are made, the fencers ranked 1 to 6 are placed in pool 1, then fencers ranked 7 to 12 in pool 2, etc.

When the last round of pools is over, its ranking is done by first putting the fencers of the pool 1, then those of pool 2, etc. The competition stops at this time.

This type of formula is interesting when one wants, in the last round of pools, that the fencers meet fencers of same level, for example in competitions which have a training status.

To implement a formula with pools by levels in Engarde for a new competition, it is necessary to proceed as follows: Go in Formula answer "Another formula" to the question about the type of formula.


When arriving at the general parameters, it is necessary to indicate "Last round of pools by levels":


If this field does not exist, your version of Engarde is too old or you are modifying an old competition.

In the last group round, put 0 exempted, 0 qualifier/indicators, 0 fencers at the end (the competition stops there). Do not set a separation criterion (if there is one, it is not taken into account).

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