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Tableaux by levels

A formula with tableaux of 8 by levels is a formula in which, at the end of the poules, fencers ranked 1 to 8 are placed in a first tableau of 8, then fencers ranked 9 to 16 are placed in a second tableau of 8, etc. When each of these tableaux of 8 is completed, the ranking is made by taking first the fencers of the first tableau, then those of the second tableau, etc. This can be done also with tableaux of 4 or tableaux of 16.

This type of formula is interesting when one does not want, in the tableau phase, that the weaker fencers meet the strongest fencers, for example in competitions which have a training status.

To set up a formula with tableaux of 4, 8 or 16 by levels with Engarde for a new competition, go in Formula answer "Another formula" to the question about the type of formula. Having set up the parameters of rounds of poules, choose "Phases of tableaux" then "Load a formula". Here, select the Tableaux-By-Levels-4.fta file to make tableaux of 4, Tableaux-By-Levels-8.fta file to make tableaux of 8, Tableaux-By-Levels-16.fta file to make tableaux of 16.

Then, there is nothing special to do. Actually, Engarde does not make several small tableaux but a large tableau that contains all the small tableaux. This simplifies the display. In HTML display, the small tableaux have different colors.

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