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Tableaux then poules with Engarde

This manual describes how to have a phase with an incomplete tableau then a phase with poules using Engarde. This is possible for individual and team competitions with Engarde 10.12 or later.

1. The first phase with an incomplete tableau

Make a new competition with an XML file or by another way. Click on the “Formula” tab and choose “formula with incomplete tableau”


Choose the number of rounds of poules (0 if you don’t have poules before the incomplete tableau).


Then choose the number of exempted and qualified fencers (for an individual competition) or teams.


If you have 8 exempted and 16 qualified, you will have 24 fencers/teams for the second phase.

The first phase can take place. At the end, you have to use the Extraction function in order to create an XML file for the second phase.

Choose “Competition | Extraction”. Check “Ranking of qualifiers” then click on “Extract”. You get a list of fencers/teams in the window made of the exempted and qualified from the tableau.


Click on “Save” to generate an XML file (you have to choose the name and the place of the file).


2. The second phase with poules

Make a new competition with the XML file you generated at the end of phase 1 (if you saved the XML file in the default directory, this directory is xxx-AUX where xxx is the name of the directory of the first phase competition). You get the exempted and qualified fencers/teams and the referees of phase 1.

If you want only one round of poules:

Click on the “Formula” tab and choose “other formula”:

Choose 1 round of poules.

Expand the “Poules” area and click on the button for editing:


Type 0 for the “number of qualifiers…” and 0 for “… at the end”, and close.


The second phase can take place.
If you do not want only one round of poules, enter the formula you want.

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