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Engarde allows to works in poules with the special wheelchair order of the matches. To do this, you must indicate that competition is wheelchair: Engarde window, menu "Competition | Parameter", give the value "yes" to "wheelchair".

Engarde allows, except in Mini mode, to play wheelchair poules on two pistes. In this case, Engarde provides a wheelchair order of the matches for each poules.

To play poules on two pistes, you must go to the main parameters of the formula and give the value "yes" to "Some poules on several pistes."

In this case, during the creation of the poules, Engarde asks if you want to use two pistes for certain sizes of poule used.

When a poule plays on two pistes, there is a poule sheet for each piste with the order of the matches that is used on the piste. If the pistes are close, it is preferable to fill in a single grid because it facilitates the entry on the computer.

In wheelchair fencing, except in Mini mode, Engarde can provide (input or paste) a special order of matches for certain poules, according to the wheelchair rules. To do this, use "Modify the poules", select the option "keep this order", use "Up" and "Down" buttons to place the fencers in the desired order, click on "Check the order of the matches" box and, if needed, "Split the poule" and provide the order of the matches.

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