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This page describes the functions of the "Formula" window and the build-in formulae provided by Engarde.

Possible formulas include poules only or tableaux only or poules followed by tableaux.

When entering the formula of a competition for the first time, ENGARDE ask to choose the formula, to give the number of fencers and the number of round of poules. Then it presents the "main parameters window". When you close this window, you get the "Formula" window.

The Formula window contains:

  • a "Report" enu prints the formula. For FIE competitions, print this document, this leads to the official document FE_FIE_0004

  • four panels described below. The details of the panels can be displayed or hidden with a button.

A formula can always be modified for the part of the competition that has not yet taken started.

Main parameters

The "Main parameters" panel contains:

  • number of fencers,

  • original ranking,

  • number of rounds of poules,

  • number of hits on the matches in the poules,

  • number of rounds for qualification (1 or 2),

  • number of rounds for ranking (1 or 2),

  • number of phases in the direct elimination,

  • number of hits in the matches of direct elimination.



The poules are organized by round, you can set as many rounds as you need. There can be exmpted fencers for each round. The exempted fencers number may change from one round to another. There is no constraint on the size of the poules, you can create poules of 3 or poules of 20 fencers.


The panel for the rounds of poules is a table where you can add, delete or change parameters of the rounds of poules. Changes for a round of poule : - A separation criterion can be changed (to delete it, use "Entry / delete the field"), - "place in the poules by" field set the criterion used so that fencers with the same affiliation (according to this criterion) fence each other first, - Other fields can be changed. When you close the window and that the information is not coherent, Engarde changes if needed the number of fencers in the poules, the number of poules or the number of fencers at the end of the round. When there is no pro progressive entry, Engarde report the number of fencers at the end of the round as the number of fencers at the begining of the next round.


Tableaux: Phases and description of tableaux


Tableaux are organized by phases of tableaux. 5 formula are proposed at the creation of the formula for individual competition:

  • Classic without match for the 3d place

  • Classic with match for the 3d place

  • Formula with uncomplete tableau

  • Formula for World Cup - Seniors

  • Formula for World Cup - Juniors

  • Other formula: load a template or create a new formula

The panel of the phases of tableaux is a table that enables changing the formula of the tableaux or some parameters of the phases of the tableaux:

  • draw at random by group of 2 (used in senior FIE only),

  • separation criteria.

Do not change the other fields.

The panel of the descriptions of tableaux is a table that shows all the possible tableaux of a formula (even tableaux of 1024) and allows changing the names of the tableaux.

The menu button gives access to creation or important changes in the formula of the tableaux. To understand how this option functions, it is advised to load the supplied formulae and study them. This option must be used with care. All new formulae must be completely tested using the simulation options prior to using them in a competition.

The origines are the initial ranking between two boundaries, the losers of a tableau, or the winners of a phase of tableaux. The separation criterion is:

  • initial ranking: perform the ranking based on the initial ranking.

  • initial ranking in groups: rank all marked 1 before those marked 2, etc. and at each stage rank the fencers with the initial ranking.

  • natural progression: place each fencer in the position that they have achieved.


The words battus-tableau and vainqueurs-suite must not be translated.

It is not normally possible to modify the destination of the tableaux, they are calculated automatically by ENGARDE.

It is not normally possible to modify the groups of rankings of the tableaux, they are calculated automatically by ENGARDE.


Pour enregistrer une formule comme modèle, utilisez "Enregistrer comme modèle". Une description est demandée afin de facilement identifier la formule et son fonctionnement pour le chargement.


To save a formula as a template, it must be saved using the "Save as template" button. The file has to be saved in the "mesFormules" folder which is proposed and which contains the custom formulas.

When man loads a formula, Engarde also proposes the custom formulae.


Loading formulas


To choose a formula, the window displaus the description of the formulas available in french or in english or custom formulas.

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