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After creating the tournament and competition click on the "Athletes" button.


IMPORTANT: You must select that your competition is Public (with pre-registration published on the Engarde Service website).

If your organization already has a list of athletes you can add them to the competition as follows


Then add athletes from your list to the competition by clicking on the the               button


You can remove athletes from the competition by clicking on the                 button.


If you do not have a list of athletes and you want to create one, we recommend you to read the following information   ATHLETE'S AFFILIATION TO AN ORGANISM MANUAL

IMPORTANT: Always save the changes by pressing the "Save Pre-registration" button.

Following these steps, your competition will be published in Engarde Service with the inscriptions button where the athletes (registered or not registered in your organism) who want to participate in your competition will be able to apply for the inscription.


When an athlete requests to participate in your competition by clicking on the Registration button, the organization will receive via e-mail the pre-registration request, where it will be able to verify the athlete's data and allow or not the participation in the competition.


Following the link will open a page where the organism will be able to confirm the applicant athlete's data and accept  the application.


IMPORTANT:  The organization must assign a license to the athlete in order to allow his participation in the competition.

Once all the athletes are included in the competition, click on the " Finish Pre-Registration" button and the list of participants in Engarde-SMART will be published.


This list will be used by the organism to create the competition in the Engarde Software.

Once in Engarde-Smart you must copy the  Smart identifier  of the competition that was automatically generated.


Click on menu: File → New competition → select "From Internet SMART data".


Next select Connection to engarde-service


Enter the Smart identifier and the password of the organism or tournament.


Complete the general parameters of the competition


Select where to save the competition.


Now you can finish configuring and managing your competition from Engarde software.

Each new athlete registered in your organism will receive email notifications when he/she registers in the competitions of your organism. As well as an individual account in Engarde Service. Where the athlete will be able to see his profile and the data of affiliation to the organism.


Location of memberships within the Individual profile in Engarde Service

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