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Engarde Licence BASIC 3 MONTHS

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  • Engarde Basic License 3 months

    An EngardeBasic license enables running several Engarde in basic mode on the computer.

    So you can manage several competitions at the same time in basic mode on the computer with a single EngardeBasic License.

    Engarde basic is ideal to manage competitions when there is no display on screens nor connection with piste apparatus (in this case, Engarde PRO is necessary).Engarde PRO should be preferred for FIE competitions because it fulfils the FIE specifications.

    Recent evolutions of Engarde BASIC are:

    • Advanced allocation of referees.
    • Ability to open a competition in auxiliary mode to capture poules and matches on two computers at the same time.
    • National licence numbers in extended XML files.
    • Creation of categories Veteran1, Veteran2, Veteran3.
    • Export in XML files of a part of the fencers in order to allow splitting a competition.
    • Addition of a few fields in the parameters and in the XML files ("organizer URL", "place of competition").
    • Addition of team names in XML files.

    The BASIC mode is reserved to persons who do not make profit in using Engarde.In other cases please contact us to purchase a "Company" version of Engarde Pro.

    Engarde runs on Windows XP and later versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 11.

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