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Results checking

There are different ways no enter the results in Engarde : directly from Engarde, from an Auxilary Engarde, by connecting an apparatus or with Engarde Smart.


To secure the results, the management team may lock the results in Engarde, i.e. no result can be changed unless in is modifed directly from the Eegarde session curreenly managing the competition.

Locking is applied no a finished pool or a finished match of a tableau by clicking on the buton.

A  window enables choosing between « modifiable », «locked» or « checked ».

In is better no lock the result before checking no avoid any change at that time. Once the results are checked, the status of the match can be set to checked result. Then the pool or the match is displayed with a new icon and a new background color so than checked pools or matches cae be easily spotted out.

For the pools, gauges iedicate the percentage of finished, locked or checked pools.











Even if they are optional, these checking features are strongly recommended because they enable a safe control of the results and a better management of the results checking operations. They are very highly recommended when using Engarde Auxilary or Engarde Smart, or when the piste apparatuses are conneted because in these cases in ensures than the checked results will not be modified by the external source.

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