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Tabs and Windows


In Engarde the navigation between the different windows uses tabs.
Each tab corresponds to a window. So you can very quickly switch from a window to another one.


Adding a window


To add a new window (and thus a new tab), use the "WINDOWS" menu.

In the following l'example, we add the "Countries" window which is in the "WINDOWS//menu "FENETRE/Affiliation/Countries".



All the Windows contain :

  • a central main panel, which includes a table, information about the competition, the poules, the tableaux... (1)

  • a side panel on the right,in which there are buttons and menus to trigger the actions for this window. (2)

  • an additional console appears to display information messages from Engarde. (3)


All the windows include buttons in their side panel, these buttons trigger the following functions (from left to the right):

  • Detach/Attach the window : detaching the window from the main window so you can work with two windows side by side.

  • Access to the help

  • Close the window : the window is closed, the tab also disappears. To open it again, use the "WINDOWS" menu

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