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Tutorial: Displays with DiapoEngarde in file mode

This use in file mode has the advantage of being a little more economical than in client-server mode, but has the disadvantage of being more complicated to implement and a little less secure (both applications reading/writing the same files). To be used only if your budget is very tight and if you have a good knowledge of opening a file on another computer on the local network.

1. Configuration

A computer A with an EngardeBasic license to manage competitions with Engarde. A computer B with a Display license to make the images to be displayed on the screens.

One or more large screens in the room, connected to computer B by VGA or HDMI cables. VGA or HDMI doublers must be used when there are several screens. It is possible, instead of screens in the room, to connect computer B to a video projector.

A local network that allows computers A and B to communicate. For example, computers A and B are connected by cable (it is preferable) or in WIFI to a box that is a router or both computers are connected by cable to a network switch.

2. Opening a competition with DiapoEngarde in file mode

Launch Engarde on computer A and open the competition. Allow this competition to be opened by DiapoEngarde in file mode: in the "File" menu, the item "Prohibit opening by files for auxiliary and DiapoEngarde" must not be checked (if it is checked, choose it to uncheck it).

With Windows, give access to the competition files of computer A. To do this, in a Windows window, go to the "Competitions" folder or a folder that contains it (for example "ENGARDE10"), right-click on this folder, choose "Properties" and then use the "Sharing" tab.

Run DiapoEngarde on computer B and open the competition on computer A with the menu "File" then "Open competition" then "Open competition". Select the network icon on the left and then computer A and its "Competitions" folder. DiapoEngarde tells you that it is dangerous to do this, but allows you to do it. If it tells you that this is not allowed, it is that "Prohibit opening by files for auxiliary and DiapoEngarde" in Engarde is checked.

3. Using DiapoEngarde in file mode

Apart from opening the competition, the use of DiapoEngarde in file mode is identical to the use in clientserver mode.

See the document: 

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