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Competition management

Engarde allows the management of your fencing competition. It manages the formula, creates the poules, the tableaux and the rankings.


Display software

Display has become an unavoidable part of big competitions, for the participants, the public and the organizers: Find easily the information needed by the fencers and their staff.


Online results

Engarde-Service is a hosting service for online results. To use it, just create an account, then directly declare your tournaments and competitions on the website.



Last version :
Engarde 10.26.1 of November 17, 2023

1.  If you have not already installed Engarde, make an > installation

2. If you have an earlier version, download the Engarde update > Download

3. Unzip the archive and place the new applications (having a different name) in SystemeEngarde10.

4. Launch the new Engarde10.nn.exe application to update the data files and to create the “Old-applications” directory if it does not already exist.

5. Do not delete the old files. Move the erlier versions of the applications to the “Old-applications” directory.

New Engarde Service

Your best online results platform.

  • Robust and reliable

  • New channel structure

  • Greater visibility

  • Better interface

  • User-friendly

  • Improved server technology 

  • Open to new features

The Engarde Escrime website has changed !

Redesigned for an improved experience and support.

  • New Help Center

  • Better user experience

  • Compatible interface with ST37 brand

  • Improved structure of the information

  • Enhanced technology


A team at your service

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With a strong international background and more than 12 year of experience, our team is available provide the following services:

Engarde competition management

Piste apparatus connection

Connected pistes with Video Refereeing, Video Streaming and Video Analysis, connection to scoring machines and screens

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